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Tips for noobs

DOH! at you for clicking here, now I actually HAVE to fill this space. jk.

Here are some 'tips' sorta kinda that I learnt/applied to my r/s as an active, bisexual girl.

- Think about what you want, and how you'd like to be treated, and treat the person you like/have just asked out the same way.

- Be careful not to say anything that can be misconstrued, because the 'woman' is the most analytical creature in the world.

- Complimenting her hair, smell, earrings, shoes is nice. But saying something like 'I don't know about you, you're so f*****... I don't know, you're face says "innocent" but your smile says "i'm better than sex".' is more effective. Girls like to feel unique, special.

- Make her go red by looking at her (occasionally. Make sure you don't glare) with a sexy/confident smile on your face, while she's preoccupied. When she notices and says 'what' half laughing, then moves the hair from her face or fidgets, say 'you're so pretty.'

- Chicks are much fussier than men, so make sure you get the 411 on whoever your dating to find out if they're vego's, preferred genre of music etc ... this way you won't end up taking a dedicated vegan to a buffalo wing buffet.

- Be yourself. Confidence is sexy. Being physically hot means nothing if you're boring and insecure.

- Use the internet to get comfortable with this lifestyle, because its socially safe and provides a bigger les/gay community.

- I have a feeling alot of feminists are gonna kick my ass after this.

Feel free to ask questions or whatever, or add to the list of tips.

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