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might be kind of a stupid question, but?

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My look/personality is somewhat inbetween? maybe androgynys? and it seems like only feminine woman are attracted to me. while i'm open to getting to know women who are both femme and butch, i find myself more attracted to butch women. whats a girl to do? lol.


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I agree, these labels are so... misleading. I'm femme by default because I have long hair etc... but somedays I sport no makeup hoodies and wear men's boxers.

I have one friend that refers to herself as a "tweener" which I think is cute. Tweeners aren't we all???


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I'm in between as well. And yes, we are either labeled "tweener" or "butchy-femme". However femme women appeal to me more when it comes to attraction. I do have many butch friends though. So I'm also interested in meeting both.
I just consider myself a random collection of cells that insists on saying "I".

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