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body hair

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After hanging with some hippies I found that body hair on women doesn't gross me out, and that I personally was sick of shaving, so for the most part I don't anymore. It gives me a good little feminist thrill sometimes, but I am still a little self-conscious about it occasionally. If it was an issue to a girlfriend I would shave I guess, but I prefer not to. What do you think? Should women shave? Would you date a woman who doesn't?


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Personally, I HATE shaving. It's not really a feminist thing to me... I just don't want to do it. When I stopped a few years ago, I was a little self-conscious about it at first, until I thought about it and came to the conclusion that anyone who thinks a naturally-occurring bodily process is "gross" isn't my type anyway.


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I prefer a girl to shave her legs and underarms, but I have a fetish for women who don't shave their pubic region :)

squeaki t

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I love the way it feels when I’ve just shaved and put on a good fitting pair of jeans or get between sheets with a nice tread count. Keeping my pubic hair shaved helps me to feel clean, especially when I’m menstrual.


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I can't stand the way my pubic hair feels, so I keep it trimmed really, really short. The only reason I don't shave it is because I dislike razor burn, heat rash, chafing, and bumps even more. :-)


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When I was 14 I had a major crush on this older woman with hairy legs. She told me that if a man was shallow enough to dislike her because of body hair, she didn't want him anyway. She was my hero. Eventually I quit shaving my legs and then even my armpits. I've tried shaving to please women since, even my pubic region, but I don't feel that they appreciate it quite enough. So it's a waste of time. And money, considering the razors I don't have to buy.


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helsbels33: I know what you mean! ^_^ Though I do feel sexy when I've shaved my underarms, legs and pubic hair, lately I have slacked off with it because I'm not seeing anyone. I used to be very particular about my leg hair, shaving every other day! But now that I've relaxed about it, I've felt really freed. It sounds silly, but it's true.
Sometimes I will be sitting down and start to unconsciously rub my leg, and then realize I enjoy the fuzzy feel. *Giggles!* I also like not having razor burn so often.
I do still shave my underarms when I'm going to wear a sleeveless shirt, or it starts getting kinda long. I feel cleaner when I don't have underarm hair. Much the same, if I know I'm going to wear capri pants, I'll shave my legs (or wear fun tights). If I'm going to wear a swimsuit, I'll shave my pubic hair. Really, I think I'm worried about grossing someone out if I let it get too long and they see it. I shouldn't be, but I realize that I am conscious about it.

As for your question, I would date a woman who didn't shave (it would be silly to give up a good relationship for something so petty! ^_^), but I do love smooth legs (and hair-free underarms), too, so I guess I'd like it if she shaved once in a while, too...

"Be yourself. No one else can do it better!" =^_^=


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I completely agree with all of the women who think shaving is a waste of time and money. Society has unjustly stereo typed an attractive woman to be hair free. However i definitely have some cognitive dissonance going on in this subject. Just from experience, i am more turned on by smooth legs and pits. As for the pubic region, smooth or nicely groomed is much more appealing to the touch than a rain forest.
However, I'm not that into really feminine women, and it seems as though these are the women that have the grooming regimes as listed above. I wonder how many butch or androgynous women shave in comparison.
I kind of wish i could train myself to be attracted to the hair, but i feel as though society has ingrained in me that smooth is sexy.


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I love being shaved everywhere! And I too like that smooooth feeling of the bed sheets on my legs. I always tell my friend that I would shave even if I was on a deserted island (provided I had razors!!). She tells me that is only because society/media has put it in my head. She might be right, but either way I love the look and feel of a shaved woman :wink:


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I coudn't handle hair. At all.
I love everything completely shaved.
Loveeee itttt.

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