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body hair

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I shave my whole body except my head...I love the feeling of smooth soft skin.


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Well from here I really prefer myself to be as hairless as possible. And I do like that in a partner. I think it's just really aesthetically pleasing and it feels good. Plus mutual shaving is a kinda fun activity but...

I actually can go both ways about it. Because I don't think anyone should feel obligated to shave their bodies just to maintain a standard. It's time consuming too. There are times when even I let it go. Also... I dunno... but if the person owns her look, if she's confident and doing stuff mainly for herself because she wants it... that's extremely cool, hairy or not.

The quote about not thinking natural body processes are "gross" is right on.

Although, yeah it's shaving for me.


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I've stopped shaving my legs and bikini line just this year. I really just got tired of spending all of that time removing hair just to look like society thinks I should! I love the way my hairy legs look; and, having shaved meticulously since age 12, it was such an eye-opening process to watch my appearance change. I'm wondering if anyone saw Lady Gaga's recent performance of "Born This Way" in which she showed off her new teal armpit hair and teal pubes. Yes, obviously she wasn't born with teal armpit hair, but I feel that her performance creatively illustrates the dilemmas women face when deciding how to treat their body hair. It's ludicrous that seeing women as they were born creates such a shock! I can clearly see the reasons behind both choices, I just wish that women would face less judgement when making their own decisions.


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people consider me androgynous or a soft butch but i still shave, although im not hot on it i dont mind going a couple of weeks without like but in general i do, especially if im with someone like and its not done to please them its done cos i want to, but can respect both sides like some want to some dont but women shouldnt get judged on it, women were around before wax and razors and as wer all here today im assuming society had no problem with it then :) if any of that made sense :)


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I shave my legs and armpits but I like to keep my pubic area wild. There's just something about ti that I love.

Suzy Q

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I shave from head to toe personnaly, and I prefer other women to shave as well. ; ) WINK


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Personally…I shave every day out of habit and for comfort. I have dry skin and would itch otherwise. On my lady….I prefer natural. To me, unshaven is sexy as hell !!!


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What little body hair I have left I try to keep shaved as much as possible. My mother and I had a discussion about this on Saturday in speaking about the NoNo hair removal system.

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I have to shave it makes me feel clean. I also like a women that is shaved I think it is whatever the person likes.


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In the past, I have been known to let the hair on my legs grow out completely. I think I've gone almost 2 years at a time without shaving. It doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother the people around me. The hair on my legs gets thicker and darker than most men and I always seem to cave to peer pressure. I hate shaving, so this last time, I trimmed everything up with the trimmers using a 1 blade and was told that even that was much better, then let a friend wax my legs. The hair is growing in much finer and not as dark, but I think that it being lighter may have something to do with it being summer. Although the waxing was not comfortable, I think I prefer it to the razor burn I get when I shave. I like to wear shorts and even skirts, but get some awful looks from others.

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