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Some friendly advice or opinion?...I'm in love with my BF

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Hi everyone...I'm new to this site and glad I found it! I live in the Tampa Bay area. I'm hoping for some outside advice or opinion. I met a woman about 6 months ago through Myspace (I know...can you believe it?). She and I were both looking for a friend with benefits situation. We hit it off immediately and things moved very quickly. We had one night together (and I mean all freakin' night long!!) that was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, she had some difficulty with her husband straying right after that night and she decided to stop the extra "fun". She is a very difficult person to get close to, very introverted and guarded, but she has let me in. Her husband can't believe that she has opened up to me. We literally talk for hours every day. When she's hurting, I'm the one she turns to whereas before she met me she would basically close herself off from everyone and totally shut down and not speak to anyone for a week. Her mom always makes a point to tell me how much she (my friend, not mom) cares for me, thinks the world of me and loves me to death. We spend time together as much as possible and have decided that we can get a babysitter on Saturdays so we can hang out together without kids. She's not very expressive but tries very hard with me. There is this unbelievable chemistry and electricity between us that makes my heart beat rapidly when she's close to me. She stares into my eyes with these beautiful hazel eyes and I just melt. She gives me these long hugs that feel great. Sometimes if she is going to go outside or to another room, she will grab my hand and take me with her. We were talking and I told her "you know you love me" and she responded with an emphatic "yes I do". I know it's hard without seeing us together and how we interact, but I'm just hoping with the situations I've described that someone will have a gut perception. I am also a very guarded person and I've let my guard down for her and I don't want to turn around and realize she does not feel the same way. My gut tells me she does by the way she acts and looks at me, and I'm usually pretty good at picking up on women who like women, but then I might be letting my feelings for her get in the way. I've never met anyone, male or female, who has given me butterflies when I think of them...but she does. A close friend told me that at our age she does not talk to her friends for hours. much less on a daily basis, so there might be something there. I don't know...any thoughts????


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You cant go on forever trying to figure out if she likes you or she doesn't. You'll regret it if she does, because it will be wasted time where you could have been together and if she doesn't you know the truth. You have to communicate with her and let her know how you feel. If you guys have already hooked up once obviously she feels something, especially talking on the phone for hours and spending as much time with her as possible.

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