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lesbians and dogs

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I just want to know if, like me, every other lesbian you know has a dog. Is that what we're really putting all our love into if we can't or don't want children? we treat them like our children, spend lots of money on them and we'll do anything to make them happy and healthy. :wink: Anyone else care to comment.


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I'm not entirely certain, but am I detecting a note of negativity here? With the "Is that what we're REALLY putting all our love into" bit?

Incredulity? Like . . . it's unfortunate that lesbians are loving their pets? Or, we should love them to SOME extent, but you think we're now loving pets too much, somehow?

I think the issue of having kids and having pets is a bit conflated here. Some folks have pets. Other folks have kids. Many have both. Having one doesn't usually prevent you from having the other.

Personally, I have cats, as do most of the lesbians I know. I know some with dogs too, but mostly, the ones I know have cats. I have no desire to have human children, and I think the pressure on folks to reproduce (at least in the U.S.), is bogus and frankly, just plain icky. I think there are far more parents than there are good ones, and we do have enough people on the planet already. Adoption, however, IS something to be admired.

But, if I DID want to procreate? I don't think the cats would be able to stop me.

(at least, I don't think they could. . . ) :D


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if i had listened to my cat, i never would have gotten married. so i guess in that sense, a pet can prevent procreation. after the marriage, i vowed i would heed my katten's words of advice. dogwise, i love my dogs, but they are dumb as fence posts. my smartest dog is my cat. however, they are great friends. they all love me unconditionally and accept me for me. i never have to worry about them leaving me or even badmouthing me. in ways like that, they resemble children very much so.


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I love all of my "kids" my human, feline, canine and amphibian ones. Yes my cat is smarter than my dog. but, my dog is more loving and "hands on". My dog also listens better that all of the others :lol: But, I wouldn't trade ANY of them in.
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I work with companion animals on a daily basess, in some circles it seems I inbody the 'steriotypical' lesbian. I have a love for animals. And to answer the question I have a dog but I work with cats, all the other lesbians I know have an equal percentage of cats and dogs or even both keeping them company...
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