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Do You Ship / Are you a Shipper?

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Do you ship your favourite shows? I do and I read the fandoms that go with it. For those who dont know what Shipping is:

Short for relationship - used to show which characters are together in a particular story.

A shipper is someone who believes certain characters belong together to the exclusion of all other possible pairings.

What shows do you ship if at all?


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Not really, but I know people that do. Elliot and Olivia from Law and Order SVU seems to be a popular one. I guess I kind of ship Jim and Pam from the office. But I don't write stuff or anything. What about you whitelder?


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Here are my ships:

-Horatio/Yelina ("CSI: Miami")
-Horatio/Calleigh ("CSI: Miami")
-Grissom/Sara ("CSI:", although they're canon)
-Jim/Pam (the US version of "The Office", although they're canon)
-Dwight/Angela (the US version of "The Office")
-Niles/Daphne ("Frasier", although they're canon)


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why yes...yes I do. I prefer to ship cartoon characters though, you know, with the whole actor and actress shipping issue.


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I had no idea there was a term for such a guilty pleasure!

Most of my shipping is done in books and video games, I don't watch tv enough to ship shows.


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I ship like the postal workers! Dean/Castiel, Loki/Thor, Cap USA/Tony Stark seem to be what's ravenously eating tumblr right now.

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My general reaction when two female characters look at each other in a show:

"OMG did you see that? They're totally having eye sex!"

I love coming up with ridiculous reasons to ship two people and arguing about them with my friends.


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I ship characters in Animes. A lot of characters in Anime.
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I love Dean and Castiel (Destiel). The fan-fiction and art is hot. I wish they would add this to Supernatural as part of the storyline, it would be awesome. A strong gay couple would just add to an already awesome show. :wub:

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