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tough decisions

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Ok my family is not accepting of my lifestyle. they hold to fundamwentalist christian views. I live with my parents because of my debts. I am going to be taking a new job before the end of the year and plan to move out in spring of 2008. i cannot stand how my mother treats me. She has been controlling all my life and seems to think that love and control are the same things. basically she has conditional love for me. All my life if I did what made her happy she loved me and when I did not do what made her happy she made my life miserable by ridiculing me.
When i move out I am thinking of breaking all ties with my parents. i am an only child and do not have any other family. Would that be a stupid idea on my part or something that would make my life easier and allow me to live my life.


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hmm thats tough. I have came out to a majority of my friends this year and my sister, but thats it. My parents are both preachers and I dont know how they are going to react. right now I'm holding out and not telling them and my life is easier not worrying that they may hate me. but its also hard because im worried they might find out though someone else. its a hard decision but in the end only you can make it.


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Hi there, Elcart and VolleyGirl13.

Looks like there's already at least 2 threads more or less dealing with these issues . . . one even started by the same author, Elcart?




Maybe you want to read and respond there instead, Elcart? For the sake of less redundancy? Please with sugar?

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