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Dani from a Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

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OMG OMG OMG can she please just come to Memphis and show me how things really work haha.

she is the ultra hottest....besides Mandy Moore and I am only hoping for the day she gives up men and decides to allow me to be her slave :-)

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I'm hoping that she loses just so she'll stay single you know..


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CURVEMAG: Now that you're famous, do you still have time to date? Do you have a new girlfriend? Or a girl in every port?

DANI: ...believe it or not, I still have time to date. Not a girl in every port, but one at home.

At this point I shook the magazine and said, "NOOOOOO!!!" (I would have screamed, but I did not want to give my grandfather a heart attack by explaining why I was screaming :wink: .


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awwwh, dani is simply adorable. what the hell was tila thinking by picking a MAN, and bobby? uhm, ewww. not even cuute hello. dani is fine as fck. srsly. <3

shes such a doll.

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