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By the Way, I'm Bi :D

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I had my first female crush when I was 12(I'm 38 now). Though, at that age, I didn't fully understand or realize what those feelings meant. It wasn't until 10 or so years later that I thought of myself as bi-curious. A couple of years ago, I considered myself bi(if I'm to put a term to it). I've only had a couple of brief online relationships & am looking for a connection offline. Eventually would like a gf, but, am just taking baby steps for now.

My husband is aware I'm bi(he's the only in rl that is)& is supportive & understanding. In fact, we check out women together. Neither of us is looking for a threesome. I've been sharing my feelings with him a little at a time. I've found it's been easier this way & gets us both used to the idea.

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