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Leather personals?

Not that I don't love this site, but I'm wondering if anyone's found any lesbian specific BDSM personals? I'm a member of Leather Dyke, but it's more of a discussion group than a peronals site.

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We've been asked this question via email about 150 times, so we might as well discuss it here too.  We do wholeheartedly recommend, but no, it's not a personals site per se. You can meet other women there, and it would seem many do succeed in doing just that, but it's a forum site like this area of is a forum. You'd meet other women by interacting with them on the forum, not just by filling out a profile.

For the rest of the question, we've never been aware of any BDSM-SPECIFIC personals site just for lesbians. I say BDSM-SPECIFIC because here at we do very much welcome women into BDSM as subscribers. However, obviously we're not a BDSM-SPECIFIC site, so if you'd get bent out of shape if you signed up for our personals and were "matched" with women not into BDSM, then I'm afraid we're not the site for you.

We are aware of several more mainstream BDSM-SPECIFIC personals sites that offer memberships to lesbians as well as heterosexual men. However, I'm afraid we're not recommending any of those, at least not for queer women. I'm not going to name names of sites here (those being the ones we do NOT recommend) because none of the women responsible for have ever signed up for any, so we're not speaking from personal experience. However, what we've heard from other women that have is that the heterosexual male subscribers that pay to upgrade their subscriptions relentlessly and aggressively contact pretty much all the female subscribers, regardless of that woman's stated preferences. I guess they think they're getting their money's worth . . . or something. If you're a woman and you want to get chased non-stop by a lot of horny men, I guess that'd work out pretty well for you. If you're on there just to meet other women and wouldn't appreciate all the extra unsolicited attention from men then . . . not so much.

Or, that's what we've heard from several people.


(edited by lesbotronic to add to our own post: is not currently functional.  We left this post here to remind ourselves to check on it periodically, see if it ever reincarnates, but it has been down quite a while, so . . . ?)

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