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Catholicism, confession and communion

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I grew up and went to Catholic school and have for the most part enjoyed and embraced my faith even in light of the fact that my own church would probably prefer that I not be there. I was wondering how other lesbian catholics deal with confession and communion in regards to this issue. Do you confess you homosexuality? Do you still go to communion even though by there standards I shouldnt be.
As for me I don't go to confession and I go to communion whenever I want. I pretty much take the part of the church I like and leave the rest. I enjoy being catholic so i just ignore the parts that I dont like. Works for me anyway.


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I am a very religious person. To answer your question I still receive communion, I am even a Eucharistic Minister. As for confession, before I realized I was a lesbian I had given up on confession so I can't really help you there. But, I believe that it doesn't matter to God.

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