How i view myself

I have grown to think of myself as bisexual. I have had relationships with women and men. But i love women. The female form has definately got to be one of the most beautiful things i have seen in my entire life. I am open to my family. My friends know who i am. But my work don't and i don't think it is any of their business either. My personal life is my business. And i wouldn't care if they found out either. If they fire me for that, then they are too close minded for me to work for in the first place. Well, that's how i see it anyway. Life and drems are important to me. I have a dream and goal of getting my massage therapy license and starting my own business. That is not too far away as it is. I am very open with who i am. And do not hide it from anyone at all. I tell people i am bisexual. I am open, completely out of the closet. I love myself, and i am proud to be who i am. Just thought i would share that with you all. Happy Holidays! 

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