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Just wondering if there are any other women on here that are LDS. My faith does not reside in the current teachings of the church, but with the prophets of the old. I believe fully in the practice of polygamy/polygyny. The sexual relationships there lie in the 'gray area". As for my preferences as a bisexual woman. I couldn't see my husband have sexual relations with another woman behind closed doors. I think intimacy in any relationship is an important thing. If the husband gets it with all his wives, the wives should be able to have it with each other too :D Just my thoughts on the matter, but I thought I'd post them to possibly hear from any like minded ppl.


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I am not a Mormon but I support all forms of polygamy/polygyny (as longs as its consenting adults). I personally would not be against having a husband (born male, transgendered or intersexual) and a wife (born female or transgendered or intersexual). But I think two spouses for me would be the limit (ones cool too). :smoke:


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Im also LDS. I am struggling with some of the current teachings, but yeah, Totally on board with what you are saying about polygamy Cecily. In fact, my other friends that are gay/lesbian/bisexual and members of the church or former members feel the same way, at least the ones i've talked to about it. I feel like if you really read past a lot of the current topics of conversations and all the "doctrine" they spout about "same gender attraction" , gay marriage, etc. when you get to the bottom of actual doctrine, you find a lot of "we dont actually know, but when God reveals to us that we should do something different, then we will change what we are saying". I personally think a lot of the homaphobic crud that gets said is because a lot of mormons just arent culturally ready to hear anything else. thats comming from my personal experiences of how I personally have come to feel God feels about all this, and church publications like "god loveth his children" and the fact that both the book of mormon and the doctrine and covenants have nothing to say on the matter of homosexuality, at all, and that even the revelation on eternal marriage (which included polygamy) says this isn't all the info, more revelation to come when you are ready for it- that there will be one day, more revelation on the matter. so, i like you kind of anchor back more to what did joseph smith teach, and in the bible, what did Jesus actually say and what was coming from other people and through what cultural experience an view point. I could be way off base, I respect anyone elses opinions on the matter, but thats kind of what i am feeling and where i am at with the gospel, the church, and my sexual orientation right now. we dont have all the information, and i think whatever ends up being in the end, will be a more full and inclusive thing- for everyone.

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