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High Grrls! Lets have some fun! Life is short and stress is for grown ups! Come with me and lets be FOR PLAY! Do you like to get wet? Then lets splash in the rain puddles and run thru the mud! Art your gig? I'll bring the finger paints! Forget what your momma said about playing with matches too cuz we are on the beach w/ my 4x4 blazing bon fires and roasting PeePs! (yes PEEPS!...u know, think easter marshmallows! TRUST ME ITS FUN :twisted: !!) Forget a crowded movie theater sweety! Put on yur most cozy hoody n sweats.. we are gonna be drinking hot chocolate, whiskey n baileys, feeling each other up in the back of my truck under the stars at the drive in! When was the last time u laughed so hard from a ticlke fight u almost peed yur pants ? or your adrenaline was pumped so much from a game of Lazor Tag you got a head rush?! Or how 'put up a tent in your livingroom and had crazy,heart pounding, window shaking sex all night long? (using assorted veggies from your garden as TOOOOOYS) GOTCHA THERE HUH!
So! There it is....i wanna playmate! Someone not afraid to let the kid take over for a day, a week, a month...(an HOUR?) Questions? Inquire here!
~~xox Stace aka ToYnGrL "FoR PLaY!"~~

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