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uhh...anyone wanna talk?

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okay...this is kinda weird for me. but still...worth a shot. my name's courtney. i'm kinda a butchy femme...or a femmy butch........err...now i'm confused. i think i'm more butch than femme...matter of fact, i know so. but anyway. i just wanted to talk to somebody...i've kinda just started dating again after one of those major, life crushing breakups. and i really don't like any of the girls that my friends are trying to hook me up with. they're all...not my type...that's the nicest way to put it. uhh...sadly my computer is stupid and i can't upload photos from it. but if you want i could have a friend email them to you for me. umm...anything else you wanna know about me, i'm sure you can find it on my profile. i'm still getting used to the way this site is set up. slightly confusing at times. maybe it's because i'm a dumb blonde. lol.




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well i would have said hello but you posted this 2 days ago, so you are prob not onlilne now. just felt bad no one said hi! so i guess i am saying hello, ha


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Sure....l'll talk to you.


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I'll talk with you if you feel up to it. But just so you know, I'm a little shy. :)
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I'm new to this site as well.. And I still get a little confused but hey, good thing there are help files. :)
And I'd love to chat with you or anyone who wants to..


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I will. Gladly to talk to anyone who is up for conversation.


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would love to chat sometime

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