Question of implant durability

I am seriously considering getting breast implants, but I have not been able to find out anything concerning their durability. I pretty much guess that my job as a knifethrowing target for the circus will be over, but will I be able to actively compete in martial art tournaments and how heat resistant are they?. I play backyard metalsmith when I get the chance. Yes, I do have strange hobbies, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I've been considering implants as well and these are my findings.

Saline is the best. If it bursts, its noticeable, but completely safe for your body because its basically salt water type stuff.

Also, under the muscle is the best choice too. It would hurt more when the surgery is over, but you suffer less risk from rupture from activities like martial arts. I practice martial arts too so that was a concern of mine too.

Personally, I would choose to go through the belly button. Less scarring and less places to cut through muscle, but thats just my opinion.

I know its not much info, but I hope it helped. Keep in mind that Google will tell you anything! lol

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I do not have implants, but I would consider getting them when I am waaaay older in life.... maybe. I have done some research on the matter though and I do have four friends that have breast implants.

I believe there are basically four options where they can go from to insert the implant:

1. nipple - cut around the whole areola/nipple or just slice a semi circle (this leaves a scar, only really beneficial if you want to change the size/shape of your areolas)

2. under the breast - cut a small incision under the beast at the base (this leaves a horrible scar in most cases and fades out at best but will still be visible)

3. incision in armpit - small line/cut in the armpit crease (based on the comparison pics one week after surgery vs pics 3 month after surgery, this is the best option from number 1-3; the scar in almost all pics was unnoticeable in all the races)

4. through belly button - open belly button and insert implant up to breast (virtually no scarring, but chance of alteration of belly button).

Based what I have seen scarring-wise in my friends, the pictures I viewed online, and the comments in breast augmentation forums: Armpit seems to be the best way to go. The scar heals really well and fades into the armpit in about 6 months to 1 year in most cases. If I were to get implants, that would be what I would do because it would bother me for some reason that they are inserting the implant from my belly button. Also, this guy I work with was talking about his wife's implants with his co-worker (and I was eavesdropping!!) and he mentioned that his wife's belly button looks different bc of the way it was stitched back. He didnt say it looked bad or anything, but the fact that it could turn out looking different leaves potential for it looking different in a bad way.

Definitely saline is the way to go for reasons that Nicole 5809 mentioned above.

If you go over the muscle you can have larger implants, but it does not look as natural (I dont know if you are going for natural look or "pornstar" look). Also I have been told that implants OVER the muscle are more likely to "ripple." If you have ever seen that, it looks gross! Also I read one of the ways restricts the ability to detect breast cancer earlier (I think OVER the muscle was the bad way that made it more difficult to detect the cancer, but I might be wrong, you will have to research that online).

Something else to consider for fitness people or athletes, you will not be able to do the same activities to the same capacity post-implants. I know 4 people with implants and all have claimed they are not at the fitness/athletic level they were at before. All have gained a little weight after implants (I cannot confirm if that is due implants lessening their athletic level). And all of them cannot run as fast, even years later (an my friends are all still young - Ages 23-27).

Also keep in mind maintenance. Implants are not permanent. I do not know the life for certain, but I *think* people typically have to get them re-done/re-adjusted approximately every 10-15 years.

They also will not feel as soft as a real boobs, period. No way around this one. I personally think that a breast lift drastically changes the look on some people. Consider that before implants. Obviously a lift is not going to change the size, but you might like the new look enough that you would consider foregoing the implants. Once you get them, you will still be able to change the size in the future (increase or decrease) or remove them completely. But removing them is not going to bring your boobs back to normal. Based on pics I viewed online, they look saggy and loose once removed. ....So it is kinda a permanent decision.

You can breast feed with implants. "So far" they have not found any data that it affects the milk. However when your breast swell and change shape, that can affect the symmetry of the implants. I'm not sure about your life if you want kids or are done having kids, but I would recommend holding off on implants until you are done having kids, but there are plenty of forums and websites that say breastfeeding does not affect the milk, baby, nor physicals appearance of the implants. I personally would not want to take the chance. Also if you get the implant through the areola and they cut the full circle, in most cases that cuts the ducts and you wont be able to breast feed.


I remember watching a plastic surgery special on TV and this soccer play was visiting with the plastic surgeon and asked about durability. The doctor brought out an implant and tugged at it and smashed it around. Then all of sudden he throws it at the wall really hard! The implant was fine. I dont know what type of implant it was (maybe durability varies by case/contents). Also, it was TV, so cant really consider it a reliable source.

In regards to heat resistance... well they are surround by your breast. So anything that would burn your breast skin is bad, obviously. If you are standing too close to a fire/heat source, then your skin would feel it first. And when you feel too hot (ex sitting too close to a bonfire), you move.

But I dont know what backyard metal smithing, so I think I am misinterpreting that last question.

There are GREAT online resources to do research. I would not always recommend asking the doctor and that being your only source. You have to do a lot of research. Consider all options and find the right match for you.

Good Luck!!

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Thank you both for your input. You gave me what I was looking for, a personal perspective. When I googled implants, the info that came up did not include any extra stressors like my hobbies. The WWE is not exactly a good indicator of durability for the simple fact that for all intents and purposes the participants are stuntpersons with speaking roles. Plus it is difficult to judge just how hard Stephanie MacMahon actually participates. As far as backyard metalcaster goes, that just means that I melt metal and pour it into molds to (hopefully) create pieces, parts and general chaos. Case in point, I am seriously contemplating replacing the corner fence posts with full sized, anatomically correct statues of TS. That should encourage the neighbors to erect privacy fences. Anyway, thank you very much.

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