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a different sort of fuzzy.

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so i LOVE rats.

i really dont want people saying how gross they are. Just because i get it a lot, and i dont want conflict.

ANyway.. my ratties are curled up together in their little hammock, being cuties and usual.

anyone on here rat friendly??

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Yepper, I am also rat friendly. I used to have them as pets before my last attempt at college. My pet rat would actually determine if there was a second date or not based on the reactions of my rat and date.

One time, a rat moved in with me. I saw it sitting on my kitchen counter as I was on my way to work and saw that a hole had been gnawed in the wall above the sink. Came home that evening and did the damage assessment and saw that the only thing was the hole in the wall. The rat had not gotten into anything else including food, so I just figured 'live and let live.' We developed a routine each day that involved my coming and going to work each day. Every morning, the rat would be waiting on the counter until I went to work and said "I'm going to work." Then it would scamper back into it's hole. Every evening, it would be waiting for me to come home and say "hi, I'm home" then it would go back into it's hole. This went on for about four months until it got particularly cold one night. I was sound asleep and then I felt something warm and furry curl up by my shoulder and neck. I quickly turned on the light and saw a brown blur racing towards the hole in the wall. I said "I don't mind sharing the house, but we aren't sharing beds." After that, I never saw it again.


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I just got such a kick out of the rat story. He just wanted a friend!

OOOOH. :lol:
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Oh I absolutely love rats. I used to have them all the time, yours are very cute. :)

sarah plain and? average

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i love ferrets...mine was Kahlo...yep after frida Kahlo:-) he was a lover...used to love to sleep in my pant leg....
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Animal friendly here. Rats are some of the best companions i have ever had the pleasure of living with. Not only are they supremely loving but they are so full of personality. Ferrets also hold a special place in my heart. We could all learn a few lessons on life from our furry friends.

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