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Hi from NYC

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Hi I’m a 36 yr old bisexual (dyslexic) librarian who’s currently married with a child and wants to explore my sexuality further without causing any drama at home. Yeah, I know “that’s sort of fucked up”. :oops: At the least, I am hoping to connect with new people in order to figure myself out more and without hurting anyone in the process. I’ve known I’m attracted to the same sex as much as the opposite sex and has small moments in college of exploring it. :shock: If anything I hope to make a new friend or two here. :D


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What a strikingly beautiful head shot, juniorhersh!

I'm also in a committed (lesbian) relationship, and I can totally relate to your embarrassment, your predicament and your desire. Having tried it all, I've pretty much given up hope that we'll ever find a solution for our differing sex drives (mine powerful, hers nonexistent). What to do? At this point, the best solution feels like stepping out. Quietly.

Just to chat with someone in a similar situation would be fabulous. Why not pm or email me?



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Sheesh, I can relate to both of you!!!

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