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Who's feeling free of Homophobia or coming out? How does it feel? Someone once said "the truth sets you free"... Do you say your gay and change your mind because your scared of what people might think? But really fooling yourself cause deep down your lying to yourself! I can do what ever I want, have any woman I want and still want more! It takes (for me) a lot of courage to admit I am a happy "Human Being" being a lesbian. What do you think?


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I just came fully out to myself a few weeks ago actually! After falling in love with my (female) best friend a few years ago, I was under the impression she was a fluke and that I was still straight, or possibly bi. It's taken a full two years after acting upon feelings for a girl that I am finally and completely honest with myself; after a lifetime of punishing myself for not liking being with men. And man does it feel good. It feels so good. It's like I just met myself, and that so much of my life finally makes sense now. It has been really relieving. It also took a lot of courage for me to say I'm actually a lesbian. Good job on you, and may we ride this sense of freedom for a long time. :)

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