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To You From Jackie Joey :)

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Hi. I'm Jackie. I'm 25 and live in Michigan.

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I'm 5'10" but feel so small sometimes. I'm scared of many things but quite fearless, too. My passion is travel. I'd love to live on a bus and be a forever traveler. If I could, I'd make movies and documentaries. I'm an artist. Borders, money, governments - all such an illusion. And no matter where we go, we have fake establishments full of people no different than us telling us how to live our one life.
Inside me is everything nobody can seem to grasp or understand. Inside is a place where money, borders and governments are unknown. Inside is a universe of song. Of wild armed dancers with hair of flame twirling in flower fields and falling hand in hand unable to tell if their breathlessness is from the laughter or the burst of sky painting itself in such vibrant colors it invites an unquenchable thirst. And somewhere a child points at this vastness of colors, aspiring to take it on. Because children are not asked "what" they want to be, but "who" they want to be. And they have this determined spark in their eye ready to explode with magic and promise and they say "I want to be me." And everyone smiles in the feeling of their body growing heavy after a long day of being nothing but. We are wanderers. Creatives. A universe that is a celebration of life - not a problem made to be solved, but a daily journey to be discovered. A universe of happy people in harmonic promenade to its song, waking to a new view each morning, breathing in all the heartfelt enchantment life can possibly offer in the making of memories, jumping naked into cold streams under a strobing sun through the glitter of gold cast leaves cuz we're alive and can. . .being charmed by life stories around crackling fires and laying together under a starry sky aware and in awe of being a part of midnight's murmur on summer nights' passings.
I'd love to meet people who don't ask people what they do, but are more interested in who they are. Who see money for the illusion that it is. I'd like to meet people who are real. Who aren't taken by material things and know that the moments are what matter more than anything. Poetic people. People who crave experience. People who would pick up and hitch hike across this world with me just for the experience of it. Because we're alive and can.
My myspace is


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What kind of documentaries and topics would you be interested in creating?

Also, welcome. =)

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