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Another NYC girl...

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But I'm actually from Waycross, GA.

Anyway, my name is Rei. I'm 22, and I'm somewhat new to this whole being out of the closet thing. I'm getting used to being in a big, open city, but I still get all shy and clam up if I'm talking to (or looking across the room at) someone interesting. I'm working on that, though!

Ahhh I also like anime and video games. I'm even taking Japanese (I'm a college student, and there was room for an elective- I'm not quite obsessive enough to just go out and learn it :-) ).

I've been in the city for over a year now, but I've been very hermit-y so far. Now it's time to crawl out of my hidey-hole and see the light (or whatever).

Soooo, ah... Hello. I guess that's all I really meant to say!

Nice to "meet" everyone.

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