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a few of my friends, a couple professors, counselors, and myself decided to embark on a project. it is to establish a GLBT resource center here on our campus. we are a state school, one of the largest in PA, and it is actually quite shameful that we do not have one. lucky for us, the administration has been very enthusiastic about helping us to arrange the resource center. they, too, think that this service is long-overdue.

we have lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and allies chipping in on the project, but we have next to no input from trans individuals. to our knowledge, there are three individuals who identify as transexual or transgender on our campus, one of which is a professor. while he [he uses the word loosely] has provided invaluable information about the struggles that trans persons face, we are all completely lost as to how we can appeal to this sect of the LGBTQAN community. There have to be more people on campus than the ones that we know of, and we need to send the message to them that this is their resource too, and if a safe place to go and not be ridiculed or threatened is needed, the resource center is available. there are more young trans individuals on this campus, but they are hiding.

for those of you who were or are currently in the college scene, what can you suggest we do to make ourselves more available to the trans community? on this campus they do not currently participate in pride alliance or any of the like groups. including trans persons in our activities is one more way to strengthen our identity as a group with a common goal.

college trans persons, please fill us in on what you think is missing for the transgender/sexual community on your campus. are there no safe places to meet? do some feel like the outcasts of the glbt community? how can we solve that stigma? we deduced that many do not attend out of secrecy but....come out come out and fight with us!


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I know my school has been celebrating Trans Remembrance day. In fact we turn it into a whole week, Trans Awareness Week with activities and events to bring awareness to the trans community. Then at the end is Trans Remembrance day and a candlelit vigil. That would great place to start.

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