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Being involved with a married woman.. does it fit here?

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Hey gals,

When it says 'negotiating relationships' can we count being involved with a married woman? And can we ask how do we cope when being involved in a relationship with one?



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Sure, that definitely fits.

You might want to be a little more specific, though. Married woman = cheating behind partner's back is a very different situation than married woman = open and poly. Whether or not the partnership was legalized is probably less interesting than the above details.

Also, while most readers will probably assume you mean married to a man, we have subscribers from all over the world. There are now a FEW enlightened locales where same sex marriage is now legal. So depending on where the readers are from and what they know about where you're from, it's not NECESSARILY a given.

And here's hoping the rest of the world catches up in our lifetimes . . .


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Ahh there we go okay lol. Yes ill make this clearer then.. thank you Webmiss :)
Being involved with a married woman who is married to a fella and has a very open marriage as he has partners himself lol.
How does one cope with the ups and downs of it all?


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I got involved with a married woman before who is 18 years older than me. But i have realized it isnt just good to ruin her life with her good husband who happens be to a good friend of mine.

Ross Mock

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Hello there.....I'd just like to add my experiences with married women.

I was in a relationship with a woman that was a couple years younger than me and was married to a guy that was physically abusing her. In my mind, I thought that I could "rescue" her from this fella and his abuse, but along into the relationship that I was trying to develop with her, I found that she was playing me along. Whenever she was angry with him, here she would come, and when she was alright with him, there she would go.

I woke up to her one day when we passed her fella walking down the side of the road (yes, he did not EVER work; she took care of him) and she wanted me to turn around and pick him up. When I wouldn't, she got angry. I turned my car around, and dropped her off so that she could catch up to him. That was the end of that.

So, as far as "rescuing" her? Can't rescue no one that doesn't want to be rescued. Got to be careful with YOUR feelings. That's the most important thing.

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