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A more Dominant forum?

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Hi there :)

Being a dominant female, I would love to see a forum for the more 'aggressive' lesbian, bisexual with tips.. suggestions. Experiences. That would be something I would definately keep my eyes on :)



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I think for NOW that would probably go into the "Negotiating Relationships" area. That is, for NOW. If thread(s) were started in there about AGs or dominant women, and there were a sufficient number of responses/additional posts, we might break it out into its own area at that point. But we'd let it grow just a bit first.

That's if you're talking about more general, more usually public aspects of a relationship and/or finding one. If it's other than that (wink), you'd need to put that in the Restricted Access Area.


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Lol i found the restricted area Webmiss *smiling*and thank you :) I've already posted lol..
I think I like that area lol..:)

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