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Bring back the L Word!!

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Lol.. yes if anyone wants it back i say we go to the producers in person(we all need a vacation at some point) and tell them that there is a huge cry for more of Bette and Tina.. Shane.. Alice.. i miss that show :(
I had a date night with a freind of mine and we would have our L Word nights where we would just hang out on the phone and watch the show together.. it was good times but now we have to find something else ..*boo hoo*

:) C


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The real l word should be out in June! So that should fill your needs a little bit, on other l word news it's suppose to have a movie sequel :)


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I loved the L Word series (Shane, alice, Papi, an soldier girl were my fav) But subsequently I couldn't stand The Real L World. Show gave me a headache! Id love to see the showtimes series come back!!


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The "Real L Word" is a train wreck I can't stop watching. I hate it so much I have to keep watching to remember how much i hate it! Aarrgh!

Bring back Bette!

Movie version, really?


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I seriously doubt any type of movie will come out. The show really suffered the last few seasons, due to bad writing. Jennifer Beals was very unhappy with the turn of her character Bette. And Ilene Chaiken just gets more crazy!


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I also miss the show very much.

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