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Question about Sentbox / Outbox

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I have a technical question: hope it's ok if I post it here (I didn't find it answered in the FAQ).

What's the difference between the SENTBOX and the OUTBOX? Some of the messages I tried to send are listed in one and some in the other: what does it mean?

Can anybody (webmistresses or other users) help a newbie?

Thanks in advance




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The Outbox consists of messages you have sent others, but those others have not yet picked them up. One curious feature of the Outbox is that up until the time your recipient picks up the message, it can be deleted/cancelled. But, if they have the notify on private message option checked in their profile, they'll probably know you sent them something then deleted it.

The Sentbox consists of messages that you have sent others AND they have picked them up/come here to read them.

Hope that helps. :)

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