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California Desert Communities

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From San Jacinto/Hemet to Banning/Beaumont, thru Palm Springs to Indio and all the way to Blythe ... do you know there is not one single lesbian bar/nightclub? There are tons of gay bars, and even one or two that are very lesbian friendly. But, there is not one single place to call our own.

When I was living in south Florida, we had one or two places, but eventually we had several others. Many of us got together and "took over" one place or another. As an idealistic example: there are many nice places in Palm Springs, which are not really doing all that well, finacially, and have a very low customer base. If a couple dozen lesbians decided, "were are going to make that place our own," be the place gay or str8, the owner will cater to us and our needs. The alternative, for that owner, is to go broke and eventually close his/her doors or sell out.

If my experiences in south Florida are any indication of possiblities, that couple dozen can turn into a many dozens of lesbian couples and singles, within 2 - 3 months.

I would love to hear people's thoughts an opinions on this concept. Perhaps we can get something going.


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As a lesbian in the Southern California Desert area (more specifically Hemet/San Jacinto area) I am very aware of the lack of locations to hang out. Granted we used to have a bar but they closed a few years back and that wasn't really a lesbian place but they were pretty cool about anyone and everyone. Now if I feel the need to get out, I just hit a local bar and grab a drink and deal with it. Would be nice if there was such a place though


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Nothing out here but the casinos and Jacumba spa...and don't even look is SD.

Let me know if you ladies find a place I really need to be around some women of my own kind.... :cry:


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I am visiting the Palm Springs area and I thought I would stop by and see if there was any place to go and just hang out and meet people. Every so often I find a club but as it was mentioned before when I come back it has closed.


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I've lived in the Yucca Valley area for six years and have only met three lesbian
identified women here. One was my generation..but in the process of moving away
when I met her. The other two were younger then my daughter.
If there is a lesbian community here I have no idea where.

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