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I want to date a woman who is anorexic.

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PRO: The person who says that may be anorexic herself and not looking to recover yet or date anyone who might push them to recover. Peraps she wants to be close to somone who knows what she is going through. Some anorexics actually enjoy being with other anorexics not ready to recover and "helping" each other along to loose more wieght. Not healthy but unless they are under 18 nobody can do a thing about it and patronizing, critizing, and lecturing them is only going to make things worse I know.

CON: I know some guys who think this way and thus I can only assume there are girls who think along these liines too: I once met a guy on the forums o anotheer online community who made me very mad by saying he forces all of his girlfriends to corset down to a very very small size which is unhealthy. He had unruly body standards and must know the actuall waist mesurements for his gfs. Pathetic and extremely superfuicial in my mind its fine to have a body prefrence I for one am mostly attracted to resonably slim girls but I don't find the others ugly and I would never impose change on anyone I dated. So this could be simular to that in which case a big fat delete is the right path.


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I apologize in advance for not reading every bit of all the comments, so I may just be repeating what someone else has said. I think it's important to stress the CARE that is needed regarding mental illnesses in society. And this IS a society, in it's own sweet little way.

Actively seeking to date someone with some type of illness, is definitely a red flag. If you happen to come across someone with one, you fall in love (as lovers or friends), and you have to address this ghost- then that's one thing. But to try and hunt down a specific illness without any sort of realistic, reasonable, heart-felt reason, seems rather off to me.

I don't want to make people who suffer from various types of mental illnesses as incapable, but sometimes you DO need to look after them, even when they don't know it.

And as much as I hate to say it, BECAUSE a person is looking for someone with a mental illness, is a type of illness in itself. I'm not saying it's right. But people like this need as much normalcy around them as possible. A person who needs their lover to be anorexic is just as upsetting as anorexia in and of itself. So the only PRO that I can think of, is to allow them on a site like this in an effort to help them with their ghosts as well.

Realistically, however? A person won't accept help unless they realize they need it, and the CON would be, letting them on this site could be even more disastrous if you have a 'plan' for them once they are here.

Larissa Bailey

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I think you shouldn't accept the profiles of users that only want to date the individuals with the disorders. The women that apply onto the site and mention that they have an eating disorder should be advised that they should seek medical and profession psychiatric help before their profile is accepted. They need to get better before they start looking for relationships so that their relationships are healthy as well.


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My neighbor's mom died from anorexia. It was definitely not cool or fun or sexy or anything positive that I can think of.

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