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Hey yall,

I don't know if this has been brought up before, but is it possible to add a signature to your profile? I went to the FAQ and saw where it told you how to. It's simple enough to do, but it says there is a 0 character limit. So, you can't add a signature at all.

Will we ever be able to add signatures?




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We initially allowed the addition of signatures in the past, like a lot of other forums out there. However, it eventually became obnoxious on a number of levels.

Firstly, and most importantly, the ability to post signatures makes the forum more attractive for spammers. We had to do a huge crackdown on spammers a little over a year ago, after (we suppose?) this forum became popular enough to become more attractive to spammers. It was ridiculous, asshat spammers were posting spam on the forum hundreds to thousands of times a day, far too much for us to just continue deleting it manually as we had done in the past. We absolutely had to figure out some system-wide ways to discourage it. The main thing we did was require an response via email with an introduction before anyone would be allowed to post. But among some other more minor things, we also removed the ability to post a signature. Some spammers like to imagine they're being "less obvious" with their spam, just posting something like, "I agree!" several times in response to posts all over the forum . . . but then with a signature line with a URL of something to sell.

When we removed the ability to post a signature, that went away entirely. Good riddance for everyone, except the spammers.

The posting of URLs, quotes, and just regular text that is actually a discussion topic, an intro of sorts, or some sort of reply is allowed. Encouraged! So it's not really limiting anyone from posting anything of any actual relevance in the actual body of an actual post. It's limiting people from putting off-topic spam into a signature so it will supposedly look "less spammy" and they'll imagine they're being super clever and 007 and getting away with something. (But of course we'll still have to delete the nonsense later.)

Meanwhile we do know that some people would create a signature that actually wasn't spam in any way. (And we're certainly NOT suggesting you were wanting to post some spam yourself.) We've seen that on other forums too. But . . . even at its non-spammy best, signatures are still a LITTLE obnoxious. If someone is an active poster and posts in a lot of places (and we do hope that people will!) . . . and then they attach a signature with a bunch of lines and a URL and maybe a dancing widget or two . . . it's interesting for folks to look at mebbe the first or second time.

After that it's just stuff that's probably off-topic that people have to keep scrolling past over and over and over and over again, to get back to the actual discussion at hand. There's really very little in the way of scrolling text that needs to be posted various places all over the forum. Signatures stop being interesting to most folks PDQ.

Hope that was helpful! :)


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That was very helpful and I completely understand. Thanks for the quick response!

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