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Do Some Butch Women Want To Be Men?

I had two posts removed because they were apparently too insulting so I'm gonna ask it again very plainly:

Do some of you butch women want to be men?

The reason I ask is because some butch women 'can't be touched'(not penetrated or even have their lovers admire/touch their female body) and I met one that genuinely does want a penis. A lot of transexuals feel they were born i the wrong body' and I'm guessing a lot of 'extremely butch' women feel that way(hence, not wanting to be touched) but at the same time don't feel the need to get the sex change and hormone therapy.

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Ok, I'll bite.

I'm not super butch, but I'm a bit of a guy. I have mostly guy friends, I think in a masculine way, I wear mostly men's business attire. I have often, since I was a small child wished that I had been born a guy. I've always thought I would have appreciated the perks and been less bothered by the downsides than the guys I saw whining about it.

Now, part of this comes from the fact that I grew up in Texas where Men are Men and Women are some sort of twisted sex fantasy that I could never really get my head around. I grew up wanting to be a man because I wanted my confidence, courage, and brains to count for more than my DDs. I also was pretty pissed that I wasn't supposed to feel what I did for the girls (all gushy and weird), or as relaxed as I did around the guys. Oh, and that the guys would NEVER let me RPG with them... :evil:

Since growing up and moving away from the wretched horrible suburbs of Texas (though I do miss Oak Lawn so very much) I have found that I get more and more comfortable as a woman every day that passes.

I understand that some women have a profound psychological need to be men and vice versa and that's why we have a term and procedure for Trans, but as just kind of a butchy woman, that's not what it's about for me.

As much as I wished I had been BORN a man and as much as I felt ripped off having to put up with being a woman growing up in Texas (man was I ever an ALIEN there), I never wanted to surgically alter myself because that would not have ever given me what I wanted.

I wanted to be my father's son. I wanted to get to dominate the other guys which my mind in school without being a "cunt" "bitch" or "dyke" (looooooooong before I ever came out to anyone). Getting surgery was never going to make me happy, because it was never about my physical existence.

So yeah... I have wanted to have a penis and no I don't want to have a penis. Oh, and feel free to admire my body any time you want.

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Thanks for your honest in-deph reply. I have a few theories and think that a lot of the gender dysphoric/trans butch lesbians that can't be touched are like that because of a bad environmental/nurture experience unlike genuine trans people. Trans people usually don't identify as homosexual and are born with the chemical brain makeup of the opposite sex and the wrong organs/hormones to go with it. I myself am an andro type with a masculine outlook but and enjoy men's clothing moreso and am naturally tall/muscular/hairy... I think I got an extra shot if T in the womb or something... in anycase it has made it to where I didn't have envy for the opposite sex and got 'respect' from the opposite sex despite my masculine demeanor. Hence, I enjoy showing off/sharing my female body and don't feel like I should've been a man or want a penis.

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