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How do you start to talk with someone that you like?

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So, sometimes I'm bursting with conversation and others I'm a quiet turtle, but if I'm really
interested in someone, I usually say "Hey, what's up?" and if she starts talking, if there
is a certain topic that you can relate to, respond to it. Such as, if she says, "Well, I
live with my dad and my cat." you could ask, "Oh, what's your cat's name?"
And then she might tell a little story about her cat, such as, "Boo, and one time
she stood in the window sill on Halloween, and people thought that she was
fake, then she moved and it scared the kids away." And then you could add
a concluding joke to make her laugh or something, like, "Well, I guess the
kids couldn't take the Boo."
It's been a while since I've been that social ^^' but there's a thought.
And I dunno if making jokes are good or bad, sometimes, and
sarcasm may not get across to some people. Thoughts?


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Theres really nothing to it but to do it! You cant be afraid of rejection! Not everyone will be interested! At least you can feel good about yourself that you built the courage up to even approach someone! Try it and let us know how it goes!

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