Hi single mom with questions

I'm a single mom. My son is 4. There are a lot of things that I would like to do with him but there have been some things that I have been confronted with that I'm not quite sure how to explain to him or how to make them relevant. Also certain biases like planning a family trip and being asked the name of the father because that is what "makes" it a family trip. This was by some people in the mall that sign folks up for "family" trip packages. I made me angry that the lady wouldn't even talk to me because I had no "man". It would only have been my son and I. Also where to find some lesbian friendly and family friendly areas in Houston or other places around Texas. I'm usually in Austin sometimes so any info from there will be fine also.

Thanks and all replies are very welcome.



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Wow... I can't believe they were that discriminatory. If something like that happened here, they'd have faced discrimination charges of note.

Good luck, I hope you find stuff you can do. See if you can get in touch with other single moms (lesbian or otherwise) in your area. Widowed, divorced or by choice, it doesn't matter. You're all going to have something in common with each other in your children. Or start your own group, if you can.

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