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Gossiping: Do Lesbians Need to STFU More Than Most?

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Poll: Gossiping: Do Lesbians Need to STFU More Than Most? (56 member(s) have cast votes)

Gossiping: Do Lesbians Need to STFU More Than Most?

  1. Way too many lesbians have way too loose lips, more than other demographics. They should effing put a cork in it. It's like a plague upon us ALL! (2 votes [3.57%])

    Percentage of vote: 3.57%

  2. The queer community in any town is smaller than the straight community. Smaller communities deal with more gossip. But that's all it is. (18 votes [32.14%])

    Percentage of vote: 32.14%

  3. Lesbians are women, and women gossip more than men. But they don't gossip more than other women. (13 votes [23.21%])

    Percentage of vote: 23.21%

  4. All humans gossip. Lesbians are human, ergo, they gossip. But not more than everyone else. Those newbies must just have had a bad time of it lately, but there's no more meaning there. (23 votes [41.07%])

    Percentage of vote: 41.07%

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A biggish bunch of the newbies signing up for our personals lately have been specifying that they do NOT want to meet anyone who might gossip about them.

No backstabbers either! (We'll go ahead and assume they meant that figuratively, not literally.) No trash talkers! No one that can't keep some secrets!

We're certainly not suggesting that unbridled gossip mongering got everybody's stamp of approval before. Nope. However, the percentage of newbies specifying a very particular disapproval of gossiping in Super Duper Emphatic Ways seems trending upward.

Which caused us to wonder . . . ARE lesbians more likely to gossip than other demographic groups?

Yup, we know, difficult/impossible to answer definitively. But what would you imagine, if you had to take a stab at it?

BONUS QUESTION: For anyone that answers that lesbians DO have looser lips, could you let us know WHY you think that is so and WHY that you think this has occurred by posting about that? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!


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I honestly do not believe lesbians as a group gossip any more than other groups. Anyone who has worked in an office, garage, ship, or any other type of grouping can attest to the entertainment value of human nature regarding gossip. On the rare occasions that I actually had to be present in such environments, I would deliberately start a rumor just to see how distorted from the original it would get and to see just how fast it took to get back to me.


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I agree that lesbians don't seem to gossip more than other women. I never did like gossip myself.

Forgive me if this sounds off, but I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of estrogen a woman has and gossip. It has seemed to me the more feminine the woman, lesbian or straight, the more she talks or gossips. I'm not saying that is always the case, just an observation. I could be wrong in this because most all the lesbians I have met are more feminine. I haven't been around near as many more masculine like me.



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Forgive me if this sounds off, but I wonder if there is a correlation between the amount of estrogen a woman has and gossip. It has seemed to me the more feminine the woman, lesbian or straight, the more she talks or gossips.

Huh. That's an interesting idea. But offhand, I just dunno.

I've known a heck of a lot of lesbians, across the butch/femme masculine/feminine spectrum, then back again. But I'd have to say that most of those I've hung out with on anything approaching a regular basis haven't gossiped that much, except if they'd recently gone through a difficult breakup with someone or had some sort of really bad dating experience otherwise, then they gossiped about that person a LOT. But otherwise, not so much.

I'd guess my life experiences have been pretty different from the aforementioned newbies signing up. Can't say exactly why that's so though, because clearly there are lesbians out there who are experiencing other lesbians as gossipy. Majority? Minority? Still not clear.

What does everyone else reading this think? I see from the stats that lots more have read this than commented or voted. Let's have some more opinions. Hello? Anyone? Bueller? :D


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Men and woman gossip and I don't believe that there is a person who hasn't gossiped at least once, no matter how much they dislike gossip. In high school I hung out with more guys than girls and the guys gossip just as much, just in a different way. With women it seems to be more "Shhhh don't tell anyone but I just heard..." and guys say loud enough for everyone around to hear "Dude did you hear about..."

There may be some reasons why some who sign up for this site may think that gossip is rampant among lesbians, and the other myriad of woman on here. 1. They may just be out of high school and there it seemed like everyone gossiped. 2. If they have friends that love to gossip they may think that all woman are like that. 3. If they aren't out to everyone, they just want to make sure that no one will find out before they want them to, especially if they start talking to someone who is out to everyone.


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I don't believe lesbians gossip any more than anyone else.
In a small community, the straight people are more inclined to gossip than lesbians, because a load of the straight people are watching every move a lesbian group make, can't wait to tell their straight mates who they saw out to dinner, in the local pub, walking hand in hand......and so on.

I don't think lesbian groups gossip any more than anyone else :P


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What's the quality that makes gossip ! "Gossip" ! and different from just talkin' about other people. Like... if my GF asks me, "hey what happened at work today?" and I tell her about So-and-so did This and Who-dee-who said That. Is that gossiping? Or does it all just depend on what the This and That is, or what my relationship is to So-and-so and Who-dee-who?

Is it all gossip the Newbies didn't like, or just the 'bad' gossip? What if I wanted to gossip about what an excellent lover my my GF is (not that she is one of the newbies - I HOPE!) you think anyone minds that?


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i wantedto vote for the last 3 choices lol...i reckon it depends on where you are and things like that. women are very dramatic. when they start havin sex, lorrrd, you better wear your boots cause the shit gets deep :D


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I have learned a few things in my very short time here-

1. there are no such things as secrets.

2.people vent, yes it hurts when it comes back to you (because it does) but the reason why you don't get to hear the news first is maybe your partner didn't want to hurt you and thought that by confiding in another might refresh the situation.

Believe it or not, your partner is not out to get you. They are just trying to vent, and sometimes the venting when passed down the lines of loose lipped individuals ends up blown way out of proportion!

Rule # 1 in relationships: Approach situations with the mind set: No ill intent (It reduces a lot of unneeded arguments)


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I live in a small ex-pat community now and previously I lived in a city with a small lesbian/gay community. The amount of gossip, that comes back to you depends on how many people you associate with daily or weekly. If you don't know anyone or you have a fairly large group of friends, you might not even know you're being gossiped about.

Personally I don't care what and how much I'm being talked about. To me, it only means that people have noticed I exist.

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