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Those little Russian liars...

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I surely cannot be the only one who was completely devastated that russian pop sensation t.A.T.u faked being a couple and pretty much got away with it!?
I was heartbroken, because I was in love with Lena and Yulia. I thought they were icons. :cry:
Now they're scrambling to get away from their former lesbian image that THEY themselves used to flaunt and profess to be true. Their music will always hold signifigance to me, but their lack of integrity leaves much to be desired!
Any other fans who wish they did actually play for the same team?
to me they're a waste on men ;)


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OMG i cant agree with you more, its sad to know that they arent lesbians, i remember when i first heard about them on an MTV news thing my jaw literally dropped and i had to remember to put it back up again haha

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