I leap before I look.

I tend to keep to myself when I'm out and about. No, I'm not shy out in public. I'm very selective about who I interact with. As such whenever I go out and about rarely are there any women by themselves. I don't like to approach anyone who is with a friend or whom is in a pack of people.

Initially I can't just go up and start flirting with a stranger. It's awkward for me to do that. The past couple of years my courting has been done at a school setting.

Where I am currently, I completely thought a classmate and I were hitting it off. Now I've never allowed myself to have gaydar. How do we actually know someone is a true gay? I only date other gay women, I don't want to risk anything with someone who's experimenting or bisexual. So that coupled with my no-gaydar policy made it difficult to discover if said classmate were gay or not.

I did some harmless flirting, complimenting her a lot, chatting with her...not everyday though since I know everyone needs their space. When it came down to it she didn't even mind if I leaned on her a bit if we were sitting outside. I'm now chalking that up to her just being the snuggly sort.

When we were out for lunch together from a break from our lectures, she revealed to me she is excited about flirting with a guy she's recently met. I wasn't crushed, I was just disappointed.

Now I'm not even interested in trying again, I just want to finish my education, graduate from my college, and be able to stand on my own two feet in the real world before I flirt let alone date again.

Has anyone else had this happen before, thinking a woman were gay/interested in you and then...nothing?

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I think misreading happens. It could also be that she is bi. It could just be that the attraction only goes one way, it happens.

No reason to write all possibilities off. Might want to think about how to be clearer within yourself about attractions, about expectations so you can experience them but not feel burned.

in peace


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I'll keep that in mind, thank you~

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