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Meeting Women in Smaller Towns and Cities

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How on earth do you do it? I moved out of Vancouver (which is pretty much Gay Canadian Utopia) shortly after figuring out my sexuality and finding myself ready to start dating, and it's frustrating. I've pretty much explored all of the limited local options for introducing myself to the lesbian "scene" - if you can call it that, with little luck, and I'm out of ideas.

Suggestions from ladies who have survived small town isolation?


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Well I can understand your issue with small towns...I'm in the same predicament. I'd suggest tracking some potential dates online by searching for the town's name on a dating site, although that may not be your thing.

Maybe even after you've met some new women get to know them a bit more. If you take a liking to any one of them and they're single, try to see where a little bit of flirting will get you.

That usually worked for me although where I live there are hardly any lesbians.


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Live live in a very small community, the lesbian group here is anything but social, I see more of them in my line of work when they do their shopping than i realised were here.

I found on an NZ site, an advert for a group. Its called the L Club. An older lesbian set it up when she realised that most of the older lesbians were not meeting each other because they weren't into night clubs etc. Once a month they meet in a bar.cafe style of place, have dinner, drinks or coffee. There is an age limit set on who can attend the group, 45 yrs and up. I have attended the meets and they are a good way of meeting new people, though I have to travel out of town to attend.
Maye sopmething like this would work for you?


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Most of the social/active lesbian population here is older. Perfectly nice ladies, but about thirty years out of my range :P I have dated a bit thanks to online ads since moving here, and met one really awesome girl who wasn't as up for dating as she thought. I guess that's the way to go. It just feels unnatural. I'd rather bump into someone and feel that chemistry and then get to know them, rather than get to know them, and then meet and see if there's chemistry, if that makes senes?

Ah well. Maybe I'll give it another shot.


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:) Yup it makes sense. Send those older lezzies over here, there seems to be a chronic shortage of them here, well any that want to be active, as in meeting new people.


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Dating in the small town I live in is impossible. being as I am the only single lesbian with 4 lesbian couples. so there is a total of 9 lesbians. I am 100 miles from the closest large city in any direction. so more power to you if your in a larger small town than I, sounds like a few of you at least get to see lesbians LOL


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Well, MissNomer, the standard advice for meeting people to date, straight or gay, is to go to where the people are (besides the obvious bars); churches, social organizations, hobby groups, political groups, shopping [ I have had people hit on me while I was in the grocery store], fan clubs, art galleries, arts & crafts shows etc. Of course the problem, with small towns is that there is just less people and thus less lesbians to start with. Then factoring in age and other lesbian specific variables, you get a tiny set that are available for you.

Like you, I moved from a lesbian rich environment (Atlanta) to a really scarce one where there is no 'lesbian' scene. And being older myself, I don't get any interest from the younger girls. And being a transsexual lesbian excludes the trans phobic ones.

At least we have the online possibility of finding someone, altho I have not had success yet on several dating sites.

BTW, I like your profile-pic/slogan: 'Sorry I missed church.... becoming a lesbian" ,LOL, altho personally, I would NOT apologize for following your true spirit.
GODDESS loves you Unconditionally !!!


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Another small town girl here! I have been single for about 2 years with no prospects in sight. I keep hoping a little fairy will zap the town and bring some available women......... no luck so far. So it is either date people 100 miles away or don't date.

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