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No Regrets......

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No Regrets

Regrets can never be fully erased,

yet they can be prevented.

One day soon you'll look back on today.

Whether you look back with regret

or with satisfaction

depends entirely on what you do right now.

This moment right now is in your hands

Though there are plenty of circumstances

beyond your control,

thoses things do not matter

nearly so much as the things you can control.

Your thoughts and your actions.

Though the future is uncertain,

one thing about it is abundantly clear.

The more positively and completely

you make full use of the present,

the more positive options you'll create

for yourself no matter what the future brings

Imagine yourself looking back on today

from some point in the future.

What will you wish you had done?

Now is your one and only opportunity to do it.

What will you regret?

Now is the time to prevent those regrets?

Rather than setting yourself up

to wonder "why didn't I?"

work to put yourself in the position to say

" I'm glad I did"

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