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need help from older women..

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I have found that everyone I'm interested are older than me.. I recently met a woman who seemed like my soul mate.. perfect in every way (to me) but the only thing was she was significantly older than me... and I did put myself out to her knowing she was older... but she still wants to be friends because she likes to talk to me... what should I do? I always want what I can't have but I go and want it anyway... any tips?? please help!


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What exactly is the problem? I couldn't quite get it from your post. Is it that she wants to be ONLY friends or that she's older than you.

I guess the big issue always is, how much older. I once, a few years ago, had relations with a girl 14 years younger. She told me time and time again that age is merely a number and that our age difference did not matter to her. Yet she would not let me meet any of her friends let alone her family. You can guess it didn't end well.

If you want to be with this woman, make her comfortable and feel wanted. That's my advice.


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If you want the same things out of life, are compatible and love each other, than age can be just a number. My mom is a widow and 73. Her boyfriend is my age 50. Who cares as long as they are both happy! If you are not sure, than its probably not right. If your just scared than you have nothing to fear but fear itself!

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