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Terrible men

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I am bisexual, and have dated more men than women. But strangely enough, I seem to be attracted to terrible, terrible men.

My last relationship did not even last a month. It ended when the man's WIFE called me up on the phone. I had no idea that he was married. He had told me that he was recently divorced. But that wasn't the only shocker. His wife called me several times after I told her that I was sorry for my part in causing her pain, and that I had no idea she even existed. I comforted her a while. Then she revealed to me that everything he had told me about himself and his life was a complete and utter fabrication. He had claimed to own his own house (he had lied his way out of me ever visiting), that he owned a car, as well as two motorcycles, one of which he had supposedly built himself, and that he was a medical student as well as a hospice counselor. All of these things were lies.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time I had unknowingly been "the other woman." About a year ago, I dated a man named Chris. He and I shared a brief but very emotionally intense relationship. Then he disappeared out of the blue. The following Valentine's Day, he contacted me through AIM, and when I asked him what happened, he informed me that during the course of our relationship, he was already engaged to another woman.

As a result of these devastating deceptions, I've become rather scarred and incredibly wary. I used to trust very easily, but now, not so much. While I know that it would be a vast generalization to say that men are terrible, because of the unpleasantness I've endured with them, I've actually been turned off men completely. I don't even find myself being attracted to them at this point.


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I totally know how that feels. I feel like I've been in the same boat too. I used to consider myself bisexual until my last relationship with a man. Now I know for sure, that I could just not date a man again. I'm just not attaracted to them at all at this point.

It really sucks that their are so many people in the world that suck in general. I don't even understand what sort of angle the men in your life were trying to work. They were just bad people, that's for sure. I don't think men are bad or terrible......when you're not dating them. The moment you get in to a relationship with a man then it's like all his true colors are revealed.

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