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Northampton, Massachusetts (Lesbianville, USA)

I strongly recommend you all grrlz to visit Northampton, Massachusetts! I visited there last August and it was so amazing to see many lesbian women living there. I couldn't believe it with my own eyes. I did my own research that Northampton is consider the capital of Lesbian place in the United States. Noho (Short of Northampton), is a great place for lesbian community and there are a lot of places that are owned by lesbians. Smith College used to be the largest women only college in the United States. They consider Northampton as Lesbianville. Actually when you go to any lesbian stores, you'll see "Welcome to Lesbianville, USA". I felt so fit in there and this my lifestyle there! I don't mind moving there. There is one thing that you will be amazed with the huge art picture on the building wall outside. You need to look at this picture carefully and see what you see. I don't want to give you a clue, but you can figure this out. If any of you visited Noho and saw the large art picture, please tell me what you see. I have three websites for you to check out below:

(dead link)|-Gay-Northampton-MA.html ---- you need to copy and paste the whole link

(another dead link)


(edited by lesbotronic to remove dead links, remaining link still appears functional)

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