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Hello from Philly

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I am about 15 mins outside Philly, Lower Bucks County. I am married and curious. Looking for friends. :wink:


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I am also married and curious and looking for friends - I haven't had much success so far - hopefully you will have more luck!

Best Wishes -


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Hmmm, have you been searching...I'm on a lot of dating sites and this one is so far the coolest and the only one that allows direct contact.

What's the problems so far? :D


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Hi crestcat -

my problem has been just not much in the way of replies to what I send out - but perhaps it is my status, sort of wavering here in the middle, you know - married to a dude, although that seems to be pretty dead, and I am new to this whole scene.

As far as I can tell there are only two clubs in the DC area and they seem to be geared toward 20-somethings, which I am not anymore...


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Hi I live near the Philly area.

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