My New Years

I'm not sure where to post this but I have to Get this off my chest. As I have indicated before my partner and I have been together for 24 years.

She has MS and other major medical issues.

Because of her medical problems we can't make plans and usually break the ones we do make because she is usually weak, tired and sick. In fact this past summer she made it to the park twice the rest of the summer and the majority of the time she is bedridden.

That was before the last week in November . They came up with a game plan to go on December 9th. Now remember that she had been bedridden the entire year. All of a sudden a miracle occurred: she can walk long distances with her cane and managed to get on an Amtrak train with her friend who met her @Penn station so that they could take the ride together. Now she wants to go back north periodical.

I think that's when I lost my mind. In fact they were going to place me in the psychiatric ward. I told them go ahead. Needless to say I'm bruised all over - I made them earn their living.

Happy New Years to all who are interested somewhat of my ordeal.

I had bought a new tripod so that I could take shots of us in front of our tree. Her contribution was a FROWN. That's when I found the pics of her boozin, smoking weed with her buddies and partying. My partner is not allow to drink because of all her med but there she was - drinking, smoking pot and having a bang up time. Then she's upset with me because I'm pissed - warning don't mess with angry Rican.

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