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Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled.

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Poll: Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled. (27 member(s) have cast votes)

Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled.

  1. I love Twilight. (please explain) (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  2. Twilight, whatever. Saw it and/or read one, won't seek more. (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  3. I hate Twilight, but I don't hate Twilight-lovers. (please explain) (8 votes [29.63%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.63%

  4. I hate Twilight, AND I hate Twilight-lovers. (please explain) (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  5. My emotions regarding Twilight are incredibly complicated. (please explain) (4 votes [14.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.81%

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We're reviewed a lot of profiles lately talking about Twilight . . . the movies, the books, the TwiMoms. Many put it in in their "things I love" section on their profiles, many put it in their "things I hate" section.

Yes, we know it's a very popular franchise, so that comes as no surprise.

What IS surprising . . . unlike most things subscribers put into these sections . . . many that say they hate the series ALSO say they ALSO hate those that DO love Twilight.

Let's provide an example to clarify here: A lot of peeps put sushi in their loves section, and a lot of other peeps put sushi in their hates section. Sushi is something that a lot of peeps feel VERY passionately about, either as something they love or something they hate. But the peeps that put sushi in their hates section, at least to the best of our recollection, never said they ALSO hate people that love sushi. It's just not a thing that tends to happen. People that hate sushi usually still think that people that love sushi could be decent, worth-getting-to-know people. It's a personal preference, but not a deal breaker.

With Twilight, it's a different story.

And, we're wondering what's provoking all of that.

Disclaimer here: None of us had seen anything of this franchise until recently, but there was a marathon on our satellite stations, and while we didn't have a huge amount of interest before, we made a point to watch the first two movies, just in attempt to understand this phenomenon. None of us have read the books.

Another disclaimer: None of us are teens or anywhere close anymore. We would think that would have something to do with it, but it doesn't explain the TwiMoms thing, so . . . maybe not so much.

And . . . even after watching and talking about it, we still don't get it. The intense love or the intense hate. Do we like Twilight? Not really, but it had some cool special effects, and we enjoyed the Washingtonian setting. The first two movies weren't awful, and as far as movies starring teens and/or movies featuring vampires or werewolves tend to go? You could definitely do a HELL of a lot worse.

There is a political reason why queer peeps might want to avoid donating cash to anything involving this franchise, but in case you didn't already know, we won't share just yet because:

- some potential respondents might not know, if you're going to respond to this based on your love or hate of JUST the content itself we'd rather you did so without that
- most of the profiles talking about Twilight really didn't seem to be from authors who were interested in politics anyway. We could be wrong, but it seemed like their motivations (hate vs. love) were definitely OTHER.

So anyone with an extreme feeling on Twilight, including those that love/hate it? We'd love it if you shared why!


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I read the books because my "book club" buddy up in Rhode Island read them and wanted me to. We take turns suggesting books and will then provide banter back and forth afterward. I had to continuously remind myself that the books were written with the teenybopper mentality in mind and so I couldn't expect much for character development or plot diversity. How many books could Stephanie Meyer fill with unrequited love and thinly veiled sexual tension (the answer here is 5)? I grew weary from all of the petulant arguing between the protagonists and the belligerence toward the parental influences. I am sure that the movies are even worse - I saw the first one and was appalled that the story had been changed so drastically. I can see the hype surrounding Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings but not this series. I would find more enjoyment in reading Poppy Z. Brite's Lost Souls or any of Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" books, simply because the story and romance in those books are more passionate and romantic than Ms. Meyer could ever conceive.

A little off the subject - Stephanie Meyer's The Host tells a different story, but is full of the same romantic dynamic. If you feel like you are choking on that theme stay away from that book too.


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I haven't read the series myself, but those of my friends who have complain about the rampant misogyny and crappy writing...I imagine the movies are more of the same.

I can't bring myself to care that much about the fans, but those I know who do hate them, do so because they hate to see women freely embracing the misogynist paradigm, and reinforcing their oppression as well as that of all other women.


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A couple of my closest friends like the Twilight series, and my goddaughter does too. I could not see faulting them to the point that I would not like them anymore.

I believe that to automatically discredit Twilight fans as unlikeable people would be evidence of a stereotype. There will always be the people who fanatically chase after the most popular focal point of pop culture. Superficial gleam is enough for some - and some just enjoy focusing on the superficial. There are still more qualities embodied by those people which are worthy of respect; we should take heed of how we would feel to be judged so harshly about something we enjoy.

The misogyny present in the books should abhor women everywhere, but there are some women who crave that sort of overprotective fawning. I don't think that Stephanie Meyer portrayed Edward in such a way to try to disqualify women's equal rights. She has most likely formed the idea that a man who is willing to do that is displaying the epitome of romantic gestures. She probably felt herself swooning as she typed the words out. I suppose the point I am making is that to dislike a person for liking a series of books is all wrong. However, if the wistful romantic puts you off then that is what should be said.


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The writing is pretty crappy, and the relationships portrayed do not seem healthy AT ALL. But that said, it's kind of like junk food. I know it's not good for me, but I can't help gobbling some up every now and then. So yes, I've read the books and seen the movies, and I can't say I didn't enjoy them.


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My youngest daughter was staying with me. We watched "New Moon" and I asked so many questions so got "Twilight". Iadmit I have a the shows, I am not normaly a sequel rider. This series just intriques me. Can't wait to see the ending in november,2012.


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I have seen all the movies and each time I want my life back. I watch to compromise.


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It's complicated. lol. At the time I read the books, I was too much in love with them and I forced myself to ignore the overwhelming misogynist content, so I could keep enjoying the reading. But I wouldn't be able to read them now without feeling extremely uncomfortable and angry, and nowadays I always google feminist book reviews before I start reading a new series. lol. But the books are still dear to me, because that world and those characters felt real, and I suffered and laughed with them.
I love books, I've always read books and they are a very important part of my life, but I don't know anything about the technicalities of writing, literature, etc., so I don't consider myself instructed enough in the matter to say that Twilight is bad quality literature or whatever. I have enough sense to know that The Mayfair Witches is way better than Twilight, for example, but I can't explain why.
Now, the movies are another story. I have no doubt they are crappy. The actors suck (WTH happened to Kristen Stewart? Does anyone else remember her from Speak? I used to think she was good, before Twilight), the script sucks, everything sucks, except for the soundtrack, which is always awesome. But I can't help but watch them all, because I need to see how the story is gonna be translated to the screen.


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If you look for "How Twilight works" on The Oatmeal, that kinda sums it all up. It feeds off of the vein of simpering-boycrazed-needy-angst that runs through many women, many of us have it but also have the insight and self awareness to break the cheap spell and keep how crapy it is in perspective. People love to love shit, and they love the idea that a flawless and un-obtainable sex icon could become hoplessly in love with a boring and whiny teenager. Imagine how desirable you'd feel if two incredibly special people were fighting over you? Well, that's teen-nip to an insecure and mentaly undeveloped young woman... it's cheap, but it work if you're not aware. The movies are no better, if not worse simply due to the crappy acting and writing.
I just can't understand how people even try to justify it. It's just that bad.

Don't dream about being who you want to be, just be that someone... it's not as Miyagi as it sounds.


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A lot of people make fun of the series and, I won't lie, sometimes I laugh at the jokes, but I think its actually a pretty good story. I was actually disappointed when the books ended, bc I enjoyed it so much.

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