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Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled.

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Poll: Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled. (27 member(s) have cast votes)

Twilight: Many are Passionate, Yet We Remain Befuddled.

  1. I love Twilight. (please explain) (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  2. Twilight, whatever. Saw it and/or read one, won't seek more. (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  3. I hate Twilight, but I don't hate Twilight-lovers. (please explain) (8 votes [29.63%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.63%

  4. I hate Twilight, AND I hate Twilight-lovers. (please explain) (5 votes [18.52%])

    Percentage of vote: 18.52%

  5. My emotions regarding Twilight are incredibly complicated. (please explain) (4 votes [14.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 14.81%

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I love vampire stories and when Twilight first came out I was very excited but as I started getting into the
story I got to the page where Edward starts sparkling.....???? What???? It was down hill from there... I usually try to
ignore that they sparkle. Keeps me sane.


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On another note, I like Edward's clothes, kinda want to dress like him.


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I used to love twilight.... until the movies came out. The movies ruined it for me. I have seen the movies though because my friends talked me into it.


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I love Twilight. Never read the books but saw all the movies including Breaking Dawn Part Two, which is excellent by the way. The whole vampire wolf thing is sooo erotic.


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Call me a hipster, but I liked vampires before they were popular, and Twilight kind of destroyed the one sub-culture I felt had accepted me in less than a week. I hate Twilight, I hate how it's celebrated as great literature when it's basically soft-core porn(I don't see "And Then She Fell" being made into a movie and celebrated as great literature), and I hate the obsessed fans. Not the ones that just say they enjoyed the series, the ones that say the only books worth reading are the Twilight books. That type of obsession transcends Twilight, though, and obsessed people get on my nerves in general. Either way, I find it quite obvious that Stephenie Meyer does not understand the first thing about character development in any way, shape, and form. Every good story in history has one thing in common and that is reality; not reality in the sense of if it could really happen or really exists, but more reality of how people react in situations. There is not a lot of reality in any Twilight books, and not because of vampires and werewolves, because the characters never responded in real ways. That "universe" did not have a reality or truth.


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I can't stand vampires being reduced to tween girl fantasies of two much hair gel, sparklez, and not-attractive-whatsovere-stalerism. Edward is a stalker and a creep who either needs to get out of the closet pronto or cut down on the hair gel and sparkly body spray. Bella is like a blob of grey she has one facial expression the entire time her actress sucks and she is depressed over nothing. Apparently that's their idea of a normal teenage girl which In my experience I have never seen such a one dimensional bland teenager in my life as a teen or as an adult. Also the fact that she falls for her stalker after barely knowing him. Jacob is the only one I can tolerate because he acts normal he acts out his crush on bella in a normal way in the beginning but just admiring from a distance and probably dreaming of the day he got up the gull to ask her out. Until pretty boy comes along. Twilight in a HUGE insult to true vampires like Lestat, Aaliyah, and Dracula. Vampire diaries is better and they are set to appease teens. Vampires are supposed to be seductive but dangerous and followed by a trail of delightful blood and gore. They are supposed to burn in the sunlight in a display of horrific pain not sparkle. Twilight has drug the great title of vampire the the dirt time and time again and it enrages me. and people who like it are just encouraging the weakening and froo-ffrooing of such a dark dangerous creature. They take their pride away and make them ashamed to bear the once powerful title that was Vampire. I feel ill just thinking about it. Twilight is the very reason I left the now degrading vampire fandom it seriously downgraded.

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