Older But Not Wiser

Where do I begin?

Okay I had a rocky start to the new year. It's taken me a month to recover from my New Years Eve meltdown but I'm back.

I'll be returning back to work on Tuesday and I must say I'm actually looking forward to it. Imagine that!

As for my beloved, I asked her if she would be my Valentine - she said yes as long as I behave myself. I said I would give it my best shot. So now I'm on the prowl for the perfect Valentine Day present. The ideas are in my head - I just have to surf the web.

In case you are wondering why I post this, I guess it's a form of therapy for me. After all I can't tell my therapist everything. Did I tell you she's way hot?

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Good luck :)

I've gotten none the wiser either...in fact I get more foolish the older i get...

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Amen sister. I know what you mean. The problem with me is I really don't give a rats ass what the consequences are. This can be hazardous to me on so many levels but like I said, I just don't care.

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