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When I look into her eyes I forget everything else. I worry that she can read my mind - please don't. My feelings are so primal it's overwhelming at times.

I find myself checking her out from head to toe. Making mental notes about her curvaceous body. I kept my shades on to hide my eyes - my eyes will always give me away.

Sometimes I think she's inviting me in - but I think it's all in my head. Or is it? I get to see her again next Friday. I can't wait. CJ will bee out of town. Will I be on the prowl - I wish.


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Not the therapist?



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But of course.


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Hey Iggy, I don't know how long you've been seeing this therapist but maybe what you're experiencing is transference? It's a normal part of therapy and it happens to everyone in therapy. My therapist is a hot babe too but I had to get over it. She's still a hot babe but I don't pant/lust after her anymore.

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