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OMFG Lousy evening.

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I left work and would have loved to come home and just gone to bed. But, I had to go to the store. If we get the storm they say we are suppose to, then I won't be able to go to the store the next day or two. So, this made me late getting home. I have a lot of animals but one pot belly pig in particular (Harley) has quite the attitude. Late getting home, so late putting him outside, late feeding him, so, lets throw a tizzy. He makes himself poop when he is mad because he knows it makes you mad. They really are that smart. So, he pooped in front of the door so that when I opened it it would drag through the poop. Put him and 2 dogs outside, got everyones food ready, went down the hall to feed the pot bellies in the back bedroom and stepped in more poop in the dark hallway. He is real lucky that it is dry balls that break up and not squishy, yuk. He also knocked over a box of papers in the computer room and shredded them everywhere. To top that off, I got a notice from Animal Control that there were goats loose today and they had wandered into the road and if this continued to be a problem there would be $1000 fine per animal. By this time it is to late to even try to fix the fence so I closed them all up in the barn and had to tie the door shut because the outside pot belly pigs can lift the door open. I get to look forward to going out in a snow storm tomorrow and try to get everyone securely locked up. So, how was your day? Sometimes you just have to smile so you won't cry. Thanx for listening.


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Wow, now that is a bad day! :!: Hope it doesn't snow to much tonight.

I used to get notices on my dog from Animal Control "dog a large" spent over 100 hours filling in holes. Never did I get a notice about the goats. (When I had them) but then in fire season no one complains about a herd of goats grazing on the side of a dirt road.

Hope tomorrow's better...good night. Alice

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