My Stingray

Today I took my Stingray for a ride around the block. It's her first outing for the year - checking out the brake and chain in preparation for the much anticipated spring weather.

Although it was short the ride was sweet. In case ur wondering what a Stingray is its a bicycle that can best be categorized in the BMX line. I don't use it for any stunts I use it for pure pleasure. It brings back good memories from my childhood.

Still want a road bike but until I can afford it this will do nicely. I'm thinking of how I can strap Pebbles (my antisocial Chi) on so she can go for a ride with me.

I need to take a picture of my bike and think of a name for her. I know it sounds nutty but it's my thing.

Hope u guys are doing well.

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Hi Iggy,

Check Craigslist for your road bike...I've been looking out here and found one guy has a variety of different bikes for under $150.00. For when I get money myself. I have a hybrid Bianchi but can't seem to get the adjustment right on the rear shifter.

Update on me: My car's timing tensioner self destructed, haven't been able to get to work, missed 4 days so far. Found a local mechanic, p/u my paycheck and parts he needed yesterday if all goes well be back to work tonight. Then I get to see what happens...fully expect them to suspend me or fire me.

This is where having local friends would come in handy, I've had offers of assistance from High School friends back east and one ex-coworker from up north. Strange how things work out, isn't it.

Just feeling good about getting the part for my camera and the car thing happens - ups and downs. It is getting old.

TC, Alice

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Sorry to hear about ur car problems. It sure sucks when the car is ur only means of transportation. I had no car at all last spring and had to take the light rail and then walk to work. I was miserable.

I know what u mean about the ups n down life throws at u. Sometimes I felt as though I was in quicksand. The more I tried to move on the more I got sucked into chaos.

Things have calmed down more or less and I'm looking forward to spring. When the hell will it get here?

I hope u got ur car fixed and was able to get back to work without any problems.

As for my road bike, there's no way I would even think about getting it off the web. I'd rather go to the local bike shop to make such a purchase.

Take care of ur self my friend and think happy thought.

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