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Meeting women in Upstate New York

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Penny Saviour

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It's really easy to meet women in NYC, but in Upstate New York (Ulster County, to be exact) it's a job of work. Does anyone out there hail from Ulster County or nearby? If so, where's a good, no-pressure lace to meet and get to know smart, sweet, funny, free-thinking women? Any ideas on how, if not where, I can scare up a date every once in a while?


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Not sure where Ulster county is but I grew up in the suburbs outside of Rochester and go back there from time to time. A lot has changed in Rochester alone theres just not as many know lesbian bars or venues anymore its all seems so underground these days. I asked a friend of mine that still lives in the area and she said its mostly house parties, occasionally accepting dance bars and the old standard sports bars. I dont drink as much as I used to and I just laughed and said thats a whole lot of leg work or waiting for a pride day to bust out. lol so confusing these days. Best of luck to you see. I'd google up lesbian softball, roller derbies, or drag show in the near area, and see if you cant catch a tail of a memo on the underground house party threads.

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